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Please enter the following information to access your donation records. If you have not donated before, you may create an account only to schedule appointments. If you are a current blood donor you must have a Donor ID or a Unit Number to access any of your information.

Your Donor ID is sent via mail and email following your first blood donation with LifeShare Blood Centers, as of Feb. 18, 2013. If you were a donor prior to Feb. 18, you should find your Donor ID sent via email or letter on approximately Feb. 15, 2013. Your Blood Unit Number is written on the back of the Blood Donor Education Materials you received upon registering to donate.

If you cannot locate either of these or have questions, please email Customer Service and include your name and date of birth as it appears on your driver's license, or call 1.866.365.2717 during regular business hours.

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